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Williams and Edsall Land Surveyors, P.C. is a full service surveying firm which has been in business since 1986. Williams and Edsall Land Surveyors, P.C. regularly performs surveying services throughout New York..

Utilizing the latest technology available, Williams & Edsall Land Surveyors P.C. has built a reputation by providing clients with:


We understand that whether you are purchasing your first home, permitting a subdivision or managing a construction site, you need a firm that will meet your deadlines, provide an appropriate product and understand that time is money.

Our experienced field and office personnel provide Williams and Edsall Land Surveyors, P.C. with a distinct advantage on projects as they incorporate a mix of traditional surveying methods and “state of the art” equipment, computer aided drafting software, and global positioning systems to efficiently complete their work products.

News Item

Williams & Edsall Land Surveyors P.C. , in conjunction with Keystone Associates , has acquired the land surveying records of David Marnicki, formerly based in Vestal, New York. The records date back to 1873 which provide the firms with 142 years of land surveying data throughout the Southern Tier of New York and northern Pennsylvania. These are records from past surveyors, Hoadley & Guiles, W.W. Wentz, Wakeman Sherwood, Edward Klausner, John Purdy, John Barno, Henry Blewer, Carl Winterberger, George Houston, Robert Scott (Sweet & Scott Surveying), J.C. Adams, Baird, Westcott, Newton Boyce, Eric Boyce and Warren Jennings.

These records, along with our previously held records of George Schlecht, George Hanford, Duane Sheffield, and John Barno (early years 1960’s and 1970’s), and our own records dating back to 1985, will expand our ability to provide timely and quality services throughout the Southern Tier of New York.


Williams & Edsall Land Surveyors P.C. announces the retirement of George R. Williams. George founded his surveying business in 1985 in his garage. In 1989, George and Scott joined forces to create Williams & Edsall Land Surveyors, PC. After 30+ years, George has decided it’s time to enjoy time with family, travel some and other pursuits. We thank George for his commitment to excellence and dedication over the last 30+ years and wish him well in the coming years.

George will be around on a limited basis indefinitely during this transition.

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